Wheel bolts and lug nuts.

Fastening your wheels with bolts or lug nuts.

Posted by on January 18, 2017

Wheel bolts and lug nuts.

To fasten the wheels to the car, wheel bolts or wheel nuts must be used.

These fasteners are specific bolts and nuts to be used when mounting a wheel, and they come in many different thread sizes (and also various taper sizes like shape, degrees, etc., while 60 degrees is the most common) as different cars require their size, although many uses the same.

Update: See this blog post for which tools to use when fastening the bolts/lug nuts.

Wheel bolts and nuts are used to fasten a wheel to a car.

Some cars uses wheel bolts and others are using wheel nuts, for example most Chrysler vehicles use lug nuts while BMW cars often requires wheel bolts.

Here are some photos of these bolts and nuts, we start with some wheel bolts.

Wheel bolts Wheel bolts.

Both wheel bolts and lug nuts in the below image.

Wheel bolts and wheel lug nuts Wheel bolts and wheel lug nuts.

A single wheel bolt.

Wheel bolt Wheel bolt.

And a single wheel nut.

Wheel lug nut Wheel nut.

There are also wheel nuts with a open top, to use if the stud bolts from the vehicle wheel hub are too long for a standard wheel nut with a closed top (above image), but of course are also longer lug nuts with a closed top to choose from, it's a cosmetic choice which you like the best in that case.

Wheel lug nuts with open top Wheel lug nuts with open top, compared to lug nuts with a closed top.

The wheel bolts and lug nuts mounts through the bolt pattern holes, of course, as seen below.

Dodge rim with wheel bolts Dodge rim with wheel bolts, although Dodge vehicles often requires lug nuts, this is just for demonstration.

Fun facts! Did you know that some sports cars are using only ONE large lug nut or wheel bolt to mount the wheel to the car? For example Koeningsegg, certain Porsches, etc.

Locking wheel bolts and lug nuts.

So, what is a locking wheel bolt or locking wheel nut? Well, the answer is simple, they provide additional protection against theft (premium wheels/rims are unfortunately vulnerable for theft) by using a unique shape to the bolt head or lug nut, which means you cannot use an ordinary 17 mm socket, 19 mm socket or whatever it might require. Locking fasteners comes with a special socket which mounts to the standard socket.

Wheel bolt locking bolt type Locking wheel bolt. Wheel bolt locking bolts with adapter Wheel bolt locking bolts with socket adapter.

As seen above, the shape of the bolt head is rather unique and require a matching socket in order to unmount or mount the wheel.

One locking bolt or nut is used per wheel, but you might as well use more than that, to add extra protection.

We highly recommend that locking bolts or nuts are used to prevent theft, no matter what type of wheels you are using, because even if you have some old steel rims, the tires might be of high value, right?

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Bolt up and get out on that road! See you!


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