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Posted by on January 11, 2017

The wheel size blog!

Hi there and welcome to the blog, brought to you by!

This is the first blog post and unfortunately there's not that much to write about regarding this subject, as it is covered in the "about-section", but I guess we could repeat ourself =) is the blog section of our main website, and here we will write about basically everything related to rims and wheels for cars, maybe also a little bit about tires and other stuff which is in relation to the topics that are covered. Just as our main website is focused on a bolt pattern table, this blog is focused on explaining all of the stuff mentioned at that site, although it is covering the basics about wheel offsets, bolt patterns etc. we will develop the information even further, for a better understanding.

We at are blogging about wheel sizes, bolt patterns and more at

So, what is It's a website which main purpose is to be a bolt pattern guide for cars, but also covering the essential information about wheels, which we'll expand more about in this blog. logo Visit by clicking on the image above, or by clicking the menu link, either way works fine.

We do hope you will enjoy our blog and main site at, now drive safe out there and take care.

P.S., we'll soon be posting something interesting about wheels and we promise a lot of photos!

Mercedes original rim / wheel Mercedes original rim / wheel with Kumho I'zen tires.

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